Special Package


VOISCORE is a fantastic product which helps you to get a clear QUALITATIVE and QUANTITATIVE description of your singing.

7 primal axes of EVALUATION are used to plot your scores and the feedback that you receive of something that needs to be seen, in order to be believed.

Try it once every 3-6 months and you will be amazed to see your own IMPROVEMENTS over a period of time.


Voizzup- A unique feature from our team that allows you to get a VOICE FEEDBACK for every song, from our team of mentors.

Apart from giving you the positives in your singing, they also take time to review every line of your song and suggest AREAS OF IMPROVEMENTS.

This is a product that you need to subscribe to, in order to see gradual improvements in your singing


Learn any solo of your choice directly from mentors - 1 session teaching & 1 review & corrections.