PP Members Maiden Concert

Team PP has believed in the concept of CREATING A PLATFORM for aspiring singers. In that regard, we have the first CONCERT BY MEMBERS, FOR MEMBERS.


PAATTU PARAAK 2.0 - a group competition organised by us, started off with an auction for captains to choose players of their choice and build their teams!

A series of 9 rounds spread almost over 3 months culminated with a GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP; and not just that - people who didn't finish on top during the league stages also had a unique opportunity to compete for the PLATE CHAMPIONSHIPS.... Overall, the content turned out to be a runaway hit, with music emerging the ultimate winner!


PPYIL MARGAZHI- Yet another unique stage, which gave an opportunity for the mentors to showcase their mettle. And all those who thought that these would be pure classical concerts were in for a surprise- for the mentors planned it out in such a way that the audiences had the chance to listen to CLASSICAL BASED FILMY NUMBERS.

It was also the time to explore MELAKARTHA RAGAS and their COUNTER PARTS!! Needless to say, the Margazhi kutcheris turned out to be a honey- dipped treat to music lovers!


Note: PAY ANY AMOUNT OF YOUR CHOICE to block your seat for CARMA, minimum being INR 10. 

This would be your GURU DAKSHINA to witness this novel concept LIVE!!