App Introduction

  •   PP Music is a Mobile Application launched by Paadarivom Padiparivom team of * for Offering Various Music Related Services targeting the People having interest in Music.
  •   This application provides the members of the above said company to purchase courses, song review, attend to classes, receive and perform assignments, memberships and enjoy various parts of Music
  •   This application does not specifically target users of any particular age group or country.
  • What Data we collect?

  •   This application collects the mobile number, name, Email ID and Pincode of the users and stores these in the app’s server database to customize the application content based on the user credentials. i.e., if the user obtains memberships through this app, then contents are customized based on the credentials and the memberships that they have purchased.
  • Data Safety

  •   The security of the Application users is our top most concern. Such collected information is encrypted and sent to server application using a properly signed SSL certificate ensuring at most information security.
  • Is your data shared to anyone?

  •   Not at all! We dont share anything. The above Information collected by this app are NOT shared with or sold to any other person or company or organization for any purpose.
  •   This app DOES NOT USE any 3rd party libraries or services that needs the personal information of its users.
  • Your Data Deletion

  •   If you want all your data to be deleted from this app, please send an E-Mail to along with your username. Don’t send any passwords to us. We will shortly have a web based interface using which, you will be able to trigger deletion of data directly without needing this E-Mail process.
  • Developer Information

  •   For any queries on Data Privacy and Information Security, you may please contact the developer of this app as per the details given below.

TechSukras Software Private Limited

  •   City: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  •   Website:
  •  E-Mail:
  •   Mobile Number: +91 81482 90467