1How can I join PaadarivomPadipparivom?

You can do one of the following to be a part of us


  1. PP Core – We teach a Tamil Song every Saturday at 6 pm, which is LIVE Streamed in our FB (http://faceboo.com/learn2learnmusic& YT page (http://youtube.com/PaadarivomPadipparivom . You can simply watch our program, join the invite posted in SMULE and submit it for Reviews through our website (http://learn2learn.in). By doing so A. You stand a chance to be featured in our review show on Subsequent Sunday at 6:05 pm B. You will get a review for your singing on our mobile App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.iron.mssgl - THIS IS DONE FREE OF COST
  2. PP Pro – Interested in learning Music formally? Choose what you want to learn from 1. Carnatic Music Classes 2. Cine Music Classes (We are pioneers in this) 3. Keyboard 4. Guitar 5. Drums 6. Violin 7. Veena 8. Mrudangam
  3. PP Pals – You want to just be part of a community and have a lot of Music fun? Joins us to be part of our Weekend Jamming sessions, learn a Tamil Solo Song every month, attend the Music Workshops for members, Webinars, Coffee Table Discussions, Music Vacays etc.

2Is PaadarivomPadipparivom a start-up?

Yes, we are officially a start-up and are passion driven business. Apart from our 3 major verticals of PP Core, Pro and Pals, we are also into Music Concerts and Events.

3Do you have Physical Classes?

We currently are a Virtual academy teaching Music Online. However, we are in the process of launching our physical learning centers

4Why is my song not featured in Review Show? Did I not sing well?

There are three segments in which we feature people.

Reviews – This is not completely on merit. We mix and match people who’ve sung average, above average and good. We strive not to repeat the singers in this segment as much possible to feature more number of people. Unless you have not sung in right Sruthi at all or completely derailed when it comes to thaalam, you have a chance to get featured in reviews, if you are regular

Promising – People who have done more than 75% justice to the song are featured in this. This is completely on merit

Elite Club – If a singer gets featured in promising for 4 continuous times, they will get promoted to the Elite Singers Club. However, every month, there will be one singer, who will get demoted based on the least points scored.

5Can I get free demo class?

Yes, demo classes are available and our team can be contacted for the same. Please get in touch with GRS –9176194378

6In case of any issues, service deficiency, or other problems, who can I get in touch with?

You can Whatsapp – 8668018282 or contact GRS - 9176194378