A group of friends got together for a casual Coffee table discussion on a Wednesday Evening. While on the topic of music, it came as a common observation that there were many small music groups across the globe exchanging musical ideas, getting together, jamming etc. but NONE TEACHING THE ART OF LEARNING HOW TO LEARN This thought and unfulfilled need is what really set the stage for the birth of PAADARIVOM PADIPPARIVOM.

A popular singing app called Smule was chosen as the platform of choice since that was being used by many ASPIRING SINGERS to showcase their singing prowess. A few popular people were invited by the founder members and they readily agreed to give the initial impetus by acting as spokespersons for the BRAND-TO-BE by talking about in OPEN PUBLIC FORUMS.
The seeds were sown, teasers released and the stage was all set for the PILOT EPISODE TO GET AIRED ON THE 4th of May 2020
The SETTING was perfect – PEOPLE stranded at the comfort of their homes due to the lockdown, Lack of enough opportunities to learn TAMIL FILM MUSIC SONGS in a structured manner and above all, Non-availability of trained mentors who would not only be tech savvy, but also equally knowledgeable and adept at transferring knowledge, while at the same time keeping student interest at bay.




A nice song from the movie NIZHALGAL – poongathave thaazh thiravaai, literally translating to FLOWER DECKED DOORS OPENING THE GATEWAY was chosen for the PILOT EPISODE. .
While the team was all set to welcome about 20 odd people, we were in for a REAL SURPRISE when there were about 250 people who had queued up for the premiere on Facebook!
If the song itself was a beauty- moving from showing the silhouettes of the flowers to the depicting the chiaroscuro, this kind of an opening was a dream come true, right out of a fairy tale – and the brand has been living happily, ever since!