Nageswar Sundaram
(Founder, CEO, Head PP Core)

The brain behind the idea of PAADARIVOM PADIPPARIVOM. Primarily responsible for SPEARHEADIND STRATEGIC and TACTICAL INTERVENTIONS, in addition to thinking of developmental plans for the Brand growth. Responsible for handling the smooth functioning of all live shows across Digital media, and ensuring the right Brand Presence on screen.

Sushmitha Anand
(Chief Administrative Officer, Head PP Events)

Handles all the administrative aspects of the Organisation, CO-ORDINATION, planning and OPERATIONS of Team PP, giving the much-needed STRUCTURE TO THE ENTIRE OPERATIONS. Responsible for the successful execution of all the physical events of PP.


Aishwarya Shriram
(Chief Institutional Officer, Principal PP Pro)

Handles the smooth functioning of Paadarivom Padipparivom Paatashaala, by initiating regular class management systems, standardizing the curriculum of the courses, creating regular communication channels with the mentors and incorporating a STRUCTURED MUSIC TEACHING methodology.

Divya Nageswar
(Chief Technical Officer, COO)

Heads the product development for the Web App and Mobile App of PP, Responsible for implementing and integrating the systems for a user-friendly interface and efficient running of operations. Responsible for Operational strategies required for each vertical of PP.


Ramchander koushik.R
(Chief Marketing Officer)

Dons the role of handling the MARKETING and BRANDING INITIATIVES of TEAM PP. Responsible for Effective brand establishment and establishing a sound Communication Strategy with customers, event sponsorships and corporate sales (B2B & B2I)

Uday Prakash
(Head PP Concerts & P Cube Studios)

Primarily responsible for conceptualizing, constructing and executing signature PP concerts and Quarterly Member concerts. Heads the P Cube Studios, facilitating the planning and execution of Cover songs and singles and establishing P Cube as a Label, in the competitive music industry.


Arun Prasad
(Head Facilities and Administration, Property management)

Handles administration, logistics and property management of Happy PP Home – Manthralaya. Responsible as a community manager for Community connect programs.

Divya Bala
(Head PP Pals, Head Customer Experience)

Responsible for a robust customer experience for PP customers, followers and supporters. Handles a continuous communication and member engagement program and focuses on increasing customer retention.


Ranjani Venkatesh
(Head Content and Creatives)

Handles Calendarized promotions and creative content for the brand, focusing on constant innovation with concepts to increase more eye balls towards the brand.

(Head Accounting and Finance)

Responsible for managing the finances of Paadarivom Padipparivom. Manages Daily accounting, Payroll management, Budgeting and forecasting and Reimbursements of the brand.